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Emu Oil Properties


Pain Releiving


Non Irritating   





 Emu Lyptus








 Emu Oil Uses




Sports Injuries

Sore and stiff joints

Mosquito bites

Bee stings

Surgical Scars

Healing wounds

Dry skin





Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Animal arthritis

Animal muscle aches

Animal skin conditions

Emu Oil for Animals

Use Emu Oil to help animals with sore muscles, aching joints, pain or inflammation and skin conditions.


Great on shin soreness in racing horses and dogs.



Emu Oil Testing

No steroids

No hormones

No bacteria

US Patent




The Emu, kin to the Ostrich, is one of the largest birds in existence.  Flightless, this six-foot, 100 plus pound bird is gentle in nature.

Enduldge yourself or someone you love with emu oil.  This amazing oil has brought relief for a variety of aches and pains for hundreds of years. 
We have products that will relieve your muscle and joint aches, soften and repair your skin, increase your hair growth and shine, ease your congestion all with no side affects.

Emu Man® Emu Oil
The special composition of The Emu Man® Emu Oil is unique among commercial animal and vegetable oils currently marketed. The supreme softness, silky smoothness, moisture retaining properties and anti-inflammatory properties imparted to the skin are directly due to the special ratio of fatty acids. The Emu Man® Emu Oil naturally contains high levels of Linolenic Acid, a substance known to ease muscle aches and joint pain, and Oleic Acid, which provides an anti-inflammatory effect. These acids also cause the oil to be highly penetrating.

The Emu Man® Emu Oil was found to be highly effective in treating such ailments as arthritis, muscle aches, pains, insect bites and burns. Use of The Emu Man® Emu Oil will end your search for the perfect, totally natural emollient.

The Emu Man® Emu Oil is a non-toxic, antibacterial, anti-microbial and contains no steroids or hormones. This all natural product has been found to be one of nature’s finest emollients and quite possibly the most effective moisturizer known to man. This highly effective oil is perfectly suited for cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations because it is a non-irritant and non-comedogenic ingredient. 

Our Products

The Emu Man®Company is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality Oil Products available.  Our products meet all FDA requirements, and are registered OTC Drug products.  All The Emu Man® Emu Oil is tested extensively before it’s delivered to you to verify the quality and value you are receiving.  If you are not satisfied with this product, we offer a money back guarantee.  Try it for yourself and feel the difference.


Try These Fine Quality Emu Oil Products

When using The Emu Man® Emu Oil apply sparingly.  Wait until the first few drops are completely absorbed, and then repeat to increase dosage.

100% Pure and Natural Emu Oil

*        If it hurts or itches, put a couple of drops of Emu Man® Emu Oil on it!

*        For any muscle and joint pain, any soft tissue injury.

*        On burns lightly spread over affected area (DO NOT RUB IN).

*        Dry skin                                                   

*        Eczema

*        Psoriasis

*        Surgical scars

*        Athlete’s foot

*        Healing wounds

*        Poison Ivy

*        Age spots

*        Sunburns (not a sunscreen)

*        Diaper rash

*        Mosquito bites

*        Bee stings

*        Fade spider veins

*        Hemorrhoids


Sizes: 2 oz glass bottle, 4oz & 8 oz plastic bottle

NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Emu Lyptus         
            Pulled, sore or bruised muscles
            Tennis elbow
            Carpal tunnel
            Joint stiffness
            Neck pain
            Sore knees
            Sprained ankles
            Minor abrasions
            Insect bites
            Sunburn relief
            Nasal & chest congestion    

Sizes: 2 oz, 4oz & 8 oz or 32oz  plastic bottle

Medicated Emu Oil (Pain Relieving Lotion)

*        Sinus Headache (Place 2-3 drops of Medicated Oil over sinuses and lightly spread).

*        Arthritis

*        Sore and stiff joints

*        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

*        Fire Ant bites

*        Back pain

*        Neck Pain

*        Strains

*        Sprains

*        Earache (Place 2-3 drops behind external ear).

*        Tired “burning” feet

*        Persistent cough with chest congestion (Rub Oil into chest).


Sizes: 2oz glass bottle



Medicated Emu Cream (Pain Relieving Cream)

*        Sinus Headache (Place 2-3 drops of Medicated Oil over sinuses and lightly spread).

*        Arthritis (Massage in oil 2-3 times daily)

*        Sore and stiff joints

*        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

*        Fire Ant bites

*        Back pain

*        Neck Pain

*        Strains

*        Sprains

*        Earache (Place 2-3 drops behind external ear)

*        Tired “burning” feet

*        Persistent cough with chest congestion (Rub Oil into chest)


Sizes: 2oz plastic bottle


Bulk 100% Pure and Natural Emu Oil

*        Ideal for use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

*        May be used undiluted or in lotion, spray or gel form

*        Non-irritant

*        Does not clog pores

*        Penetrates deep into the skin

*        Great body moisturizer

*        Analgesic

*        Great buffer for use with aggressive AHA products

*        Help damage skin to rejuvenate

*        Speed healing process

*        Reduce pain and swelling

*        Safe and effective

*        May be used with confidence around the eyes and in contact with sensitive membranes.

*        Pure uniform product that remains stable.
Please call 1-800-355-3689 for bulk pricing and availability

Emu Oil for Animals

Emu oil is a 100% pure and Natural way to help animals with skin conditions, pain from arthritis and joint and muscle conditions.


Use The Emu Man® Emu Oil to treat these common animal conditions:


       Fleas, ticks and similar pests

       Arthritis pain

       Dry flaky skin

       Reduce swelling and muscle soreness

       Reduce scarring

       Heal burns, wounds, injuries and minor cuts and scratches

       Penetrates through and condition multiple layers of skin

The Emu Man® Emu Oil Testing

Emu oil comes from the rendered fat of the Emu, which is filtered and treated to remove all proteins, bacteria and particulate matter.  After this treatment the oil is odorless and either a clear liquid or a cloudy cream dependant of the ambient temperature.  Emu oil has been frequently tested by government and private laboratories and found to contain a number of fatty acids, ranging from Palmitic to Gadoleic (C16:1 to C20:1).  It contains no steroids or hormones and when suitably treated, no bacteria. 


The Emu Man® Emu Oils therapeutic effects are now recognized by health care professionals worldwide.  Dermatology, pain management, veterinary,  radiation therapy, chiropractic, rheumatology and massage therapy are some areas where Doctors and Health care professional will use the The Emu Man® Emu Oils.


Other non Emu oils that are used in this process have been reviewed by the FDA and are generally regarded as safe.


Clinical studies and research on The Emu Man®Emu Oil by Professor Pete Ghosh, Dr. Michael Whitehouse, Michael Dawson, and Analytical Chemist Athol Turner and have reveled the tremendous capabilities of the oil.  Both Dr Whitehouse and Professor Ghosh have been engaged in Arthritis research for over 25 years and have published extensively in the evaluation and development of new anti-inflammatory drugs.



*       Patent on Emu oil lodged November 1990 Australia, U.S.and Japan.


*       “Research by French Scientist has found pure Emu Oil has a 40% skin cell regeneration factor.  Collagen, used in expensive anti-aging creams, has a 25% factor….”  The Australian, Perth, AustraliaNovember 1993


*       TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved November in 1994.  Recognized Emu Man®Emu Oil formulation under registration AUST R 50520.





 A Tale of Creation

 Click here to read of the legend of the Emu

*       A U.S.patent approved in July 1995 described the anti-inflammatory composition derived from Emu oil.  (U.S.Patent No. 5,431,924)


*       Conforms to the standards laid down by the Australian National Food Code for oils for human consumption.  It is NOT blended with mineral, plant or other oil from live stock.


*       U.S.FDA National Drug Code No. 59708


*       CAS registered 158570-96-8

    *    EMCOS Certificate of Analysis 
*        MSDS

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